Volume VII, Issue II

EQOL, Volume VII, Issue 2, December 2015

UDC 796 ISSN 1821-3480


Journal of Science in Sport

Volume 7, No. 2, 2015, 1-?/


Volume 7 Issue 2 December 2015

Krešimir Šamija, Ivan Vrbik, Dejan Madić and Goran Sporiš
Does the change of testing protocol have an influence on the reliability in motor skill tests?

Mila Fischer and Adrian J. Haug
Implementation of assessments for learning in elementary school physical education practice

Ivan Vrbik, Tomislav Krističević, Goran Sporiš and Dejan Madić
The effects of live and video demonstration on the early acquisition of a new motor task

Goran Žakula and Tatjana Tubić
Stress coping relative to competitive experience of handball players