Volume IV, Issue II

EQOL, Volume IV, Issue 2, December 2012

UDC 796 ISSN 1821-3480


Journal of Science in Sport

Volume 4, No. 2, 2013, 1-??/


Miroslav Savič and Nejc Sarabon
Is there a link between spine and hip mobility?

Mirjana Milić, Zoran Grgantov and Ratko Katić
Somatotype of young female volleyball players

Asimenia Gioftsidou, Paraskevi Malliou, Polina Sofokleous, George Pafis, Anastasia Beneka and George Godolias
The effects of balance training on balance ability in handball players

Robert Paic, Attila Kajos, Milka Đukić, Darinka Korovljev, Gyöngyvér Prisztóka and Milorad Đukić
Attitude Comparison of one Hungarian and one Serbian Team’s youth male handball players

Goran Dimitrić, Miroslav Smajić and Đorđe Agbaba
Influence of duration and intensity warm-up sessions of on the performance among short distance swimmers

Goran Prebeg, Natalija Mihajlović and Dušan Mitić
Aerobic fitness trend of students of the Faculty of sport and physical education at the University of Belgrade

Borka Malčić
Youth motives for practicing sports