Volume III, Issue II

EQOL, Volume III, Issue 2, December 2011

UDC 796 ISSN 1821-3480


Journal of Science in Sport

Volume 3, No. 2, 2011, 1-?/


Eloisa Lorente and Alfredo Joven
The impact of physical education based on autonomy and responsibility on students’ everyday life: a longitudinal case study

Maria Michalopoulou, Vassiliki Zisi and Stavroula Stani, Christina Kiriazi and Efthimis Kioumourtzoglou
Physical activity of Greek older adults aged 65 and over

Sara Szakal
Physical functioning and general health of women from urban and rural areas

Jelena Popadić Gaćeša, Otto Barak, Dea Karaba Jakovljević, Aleksandar Klašnja, Vladimir Galić, Miodrag Drapšin, Damir Lukač and Nikola Grujić
Body mass index and body fat content in elite athletes

Olga Kyselovičova and Milan Španik
Kinematic structure of the slow fox feather step

Višnja Ðorđić and Tatjana Tubić
The role of interdepartmental commission in inclusive physical education development

Saša Radosav
Interactive approach to conceptualisation of the outdoor activities course