Volume III, Issue I

EQOL, Volume III, Issue 1, June 2011

UDC 796 ISSN 1821-3480


Journal of Science in Sport

Volume 3, No. 1, 2011, 1-?/


Maria Michalopoulou, Nikos Ageloussis, Labrini Drolapa and Stella Exarchopoulou
Number of steps per day and physical activity levels of adults in Greece

Dejan Magoč, Tatjana Magoč and Joe Tomaka
An automated identification of individuals at health risk based on demographic characteristics and self-reported perceptions

Vladimir Galić
Candidate genes in the field of exercise genomics

Paraskevi Malliou, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Vasiliki Malliou, Anastasia Beneka, Georgios Pafis, Christos Katsikas, Stiliani Roka and Ioannis Fatouros
The effect of strength training on tennis service performance of junior tennis players

Milan Cvetković, Damjan Jakšić and Dejan Orlić
Relations between anthropometric characteristics and latent dimensions of strength in persons of above-average motor abilities

Raiola Gaetano
Study between neurophysiological aspects and regulation documents in primary school in Italy

Gordana Tripunović
Differences in postural status of lower-grade pupils with respect to the level of physical activity

Mladen Protić and Igor Vučković
The motives of players to engage in the sitting volleyball