Review process

A manuscript will be accepted only if, in the judgement of referees and editors, it falls within “Exercise and Quality of Life” thematic scope and makes an original contribution to progress in sport or sports medicine research, or possesses educational (training) value. The signature of the first author on the cover page constitutes a statement that:

  • The manuscript is original work,
  • The research results have not been previously published or submitted for publication,
  • All the authors listed on the title page of the manuscript have agreed to its being submitted to “Exercise and Quality of Life”.

The editors of “Exercise and Quality of Life” do the first examining received manuscripts. Manuscripts clearly not suitable for publication are rejected and returned to the first author without further review. Incomplete work or manuscripts not prepared in the required style (see below) will be sent back to authors without scientific review, but may be resubmitted as soon as they have been corrected. The first author will be notified (by fax or e-mail) when the manuscript is registered at the Editorial Office, and the registration number will be indicated.

The registered manuscripts are sent to two qualified reviewers for scientific evaluation. The evaluation process should not take longer than two months, but editors cannot promise a specific deadline for the editorial decision. A manuscript will be accepted unconditionally if the reviewers concur that it is suitable for publication in its present form; if the reviewers are divided in their opinions or feel that the manuscript should be accepted subject to specific corrections, the responsible editor will make the decision either to send the manuscript to another reviewer to resolve the difference of opinion or return it to the authors for revision. The ultimate decision to accept, accept subject to correction, or reject a manuscript lies within the prerogative of the Editor-in-Chief and is not subject to appeal. The editors are not obligated to justify their decision.